Ridiculous Stuff Clients Ask For

One of my clients had sent me this with an email titled “Thought you would appreciated this…”

I must have had a good laugh for about 30 minutes because many of these hit home for me. While I love all my clients and I welcome all their constructive feedback, sometimes it is a little difficult to decipher what they really mean and I’m left scratching my head going “hmmm?”. So what I’ve done is included some of my favourite feedbacks below and wrote my thoughts on them.

(What you see below is an exhibit from designers, animators, illustrators and creatives (from Ireland) who all gathered their pent up anger and released it through a series of funny posters that featured their worst feedback from clients. This work was exhibited at The Little Green Café, Bar and Gallery with all proceeds going to Temple Street. To see the entire collection, go to http://sharpsuits.net


I’ve been asked before to make things more playful. While it may work on some stuff, like pets,
it may not work so well on inanimate objects like bread.

more whitre space

White space is good! It’s what makes your design uncluttered.
Don’t try to jam all your information into a page. Less is more. Really!


I have had requests like this too, and unfortunately, I can’t draw missing limbs in photoshop!

Sharp Suits

We can, however it would depend if your final output is web or print. If it’s web, you would need to purchase rights to use it or ask for permission. The 72 dpi resolution also isn’t a problem, but keep in mind that you will not be able to blow it up at all without distortion. So if the source image you want to use is 50×50 pixels, you will have a huge problem on your hands unless you intend to use it as a 50×50 pixel image.

If you are doing a print job, this will not work at all. You will need a high res version for any print work.

bigger logo

I get asked this alot. Big logos usually end up being ugly. Don’t do it!


Love this one… however instead of tomorrow noon, how about today at 3:00 pm?


I love that clients think we are magicians, and 99% of the time we believe we are, but this one takes the prize!


But why are we changing it if you like the colour?


This is my absolute favourite one. I assure you it’s not Latin, Spanish or Elvish Language as a dear client once pointed out to me. It’s called Lorem Ipsum, which is simply dummy text. This is so we can see the design as if actual copy were in the layout to determine spacing and typesetting etc. I go here to get my Dummy Text.