I had 2 huge gallery type canvases sitting in my house for quite a while. With canvas #1, I thought I would do something cool which can be found here. A couple of years passed and I knew that canvas #2 had to be something fantastic. Aha! Roy Lichtenstein! He was an American pop artist in the 60’s and has always been one of my favourite’s in my Art History classes. So I took a few of his famous pieces and compiled them like a giant comic strip.

Blank Canvas
4 foot x 6 foot. Size compared to a pip-squeak.


Getting the art onto the canvas.
I put all his artwork into one jpg file, then used a projector to project it onto the canvas. Then traced outlines with a pencil.
(estimated time = 2.5 hours)


I figured I would start the easiest thing. Borders. This was a bit of a pain because it was really hard to keep all the lines straight with a fine paintbrush.
I wasn’t really happy with all the jagged lines, so I cheated a little and went over them with a metal ruler and a black sharpie.
(estimated time = 2 hours)


First Panel
This first panel is titled “Brushstroke”.
(estimated time = 4 hours)


Because it was such a large canvas, I had to flip it and paint in a comfortable position.
I wasn’t too keen on standing for 4 hours. This panel is called “Drowning Girl”.
(estimated time = 4 hours)

I totally lost count on hours at this point. I was basically doing an hour here and an hour there.

Over the span of the next 6 months.

A couple of close up shots.




Am I finally done?


Celebration is in order.


Hung in our kitchen.


Drowning Girl 1963
Brushstroke 1965
In the Car 1936
Sweet Dreams Baby 1965
Crak! 1963-1964
M-Maybe 1965