Q ideas Inc. is a company that my husband had started in 2007. Over the past few years, I took on the role of Marketing +¬†Administration for the company as it expanded. Q ideas specializes in live event AV Technical Production. The funny thing is, many friends and family sometimes asks, “What is it that you guys really do? I still don’t know what you guys do!”.

Which sparked this little video project. A large event was coming up and I though it would be cool to film a “behind the scenes” focusing on the area of AV Production. AV largely goes unnoticed in events and I wanted to shine a little spotlight on it. It’s not just a pair of speakers and a microphone, it does encompass a lot of different areas. AV is the little hidden gem that ties an event all together.

What we wanted to showcase in the video was the production on building the large ceiling treatment. It took months of planning, 3 weeks to build, 3 days to assemble, 3 hours of use, and 30 minutes to tear down. (that is a big LOL).

What did we do later with all that ceiling? Why, hang it over our bed of course!


Behind the Scenes Photos and Event Set-Up