My Son the Client

Having worked in the Photo/Video industry for about 4 years and editing too many weddings to count, I learned a few tricks along the way. In the summer of 2009, I decided to tackle on a fun little project with my hubby and son (who was only 2 then). I took some facts of life, my little video camera and came up with this. I was the 3rd place winner in the video contest in 2009! This is all in good fun! Enjoy!

Life as a Graphic Designer – Part 1

Outtakes: My little guy didn’t speak at all. He merely repeated everything I told him. The angles were shot at 2 different times. Meaning my hubby was talking to himself. I had to bribe the little one with a bag chips just so he could pick his nose. Music Credits: The movie “Clue” was my absolute favourite movie to watch growing up. “Sh Boom Sh Boomby The Crew Cuts.

Life as a Graphic Designer – Part 2

In January 2011, I got a sudden itch to tape segment 2 after numerous requests from my You Tube fans. And I came up with this. The only way my husband would agree to do this is if I played a cameo role. Music Credits: From the movie “Clue” again. “Step By Step” Score by John Morris