My Jackson Pollock Replica for $9.04

We are almost done our minor kitchen reno. I didn’t want the 5 years of my art major to go down the toilet, so I decided to do something fun to accentuate my new kitchen wall: I decided to throw paint on a canvas. And guess what, 4 year old buddy helped me. Here’s a loose “how to guide” on creating your very own marvelous Jackson Pollock replica on a $10 budget.

Step 1: Get a canvas {Cost :$0}
Fortunately, I inherited mine from my hubby who used this 4×6 foot white canvas as a projector screen for one of his events.

Step 2: Get some colour {Cost $9.04}
Fortunate for me again, having been in the artworld since I was a teen left me with a mammoth collection of acrylic /oil paint rotting in my cupboards. Even better, my previous love of house painting also left me with cans of wall paint stashed where the people under the stairs live. However, most of these were muted home decor colours, so I also opted to go to the Dollar Store and purchase some funky vibrant colours to add to the mix.

Step 3: Lay the canvas on the floor and line it with old newspaper underneath. This will:
a) allow you to drip the paint over to the side of the canvas which will give it a seamless transition. It will also ensure that your mother won’t ask you why you were so stingy with the paint.
b) you won’t kill your little ones (or yourself) if paint drips all over your nice hardwood floor.

Step 4: Execution {Cost $o}


  • Don’t do one colour at a time until it runs out. Rotate the colours and a do a bit in each cycle. This will ensure you get an even look with the coloring or else the colours will disappear as each new layer goes down.
  • Take a paint stir stick and just move the colours around with it. Why not?
  • The best place to do this would be outside on the grass. But we are in the middle of winter so I had no choice. Thankfully our basement is unfinished.
  • Invest a little and get a gallery style canvas. The difference between a gallery style and a regular canvas is that the sides of the canvas are thicker. It will make a huge difference to your space when the final artwork is hung!
  • Paint will dry fully overnight (unless you use oil paint, but who’s going to do that since it could take up to 50 years to fully dry)
  • If you want to use old cans of wall paint, why not just throw the paint onto the canvas and let out that frustration. You will feel better.


It’s all up to you on how you want your masterpiece to look.