How to Point your DNS Server

Watch my video below where I teach you step by step on how to point your DNS server.

This is the way of “connecting” your domain name (GoDaddy) to your hosting server (Hostgator), so they see each other. This means that when someone types in, they will be pointed to your website. Until then, they will either see a GoDaddy landing page.

To point the DNS, login to the cPanel of your website (ie. with the username and password you received from Hostgator in your welcome message. On the left, go to Servers. Then on the main information page on the right, you will see DNS INFO. You will see primary and secondary numbers like this Write these 2 numbers down.

Now login to your GoDaddy account. Under your account name near the top right, go to Quick Links / Manage My Domains then click on your domain name. Scroll down to Nameservers. Click Manage. And copy those 2 numbers you wrote down ( It can take between 4 hours – 48 hours for it to take into effect. You will know if it has worked once the Hostgator landing page appears, replacing the GoDaddy one.

If you own multiple domains, repeat this step for each domain.