How to Make a Make-up Brush Roll

Posted on March 12, 2015 Under DIY

My cousin asked me to help her sew a custom make up brush for her. So she bought her fabric and we spent the afternoon designing up some makeup brush rolls. This is by no means a tutorial, but just to give you an idea of the overall steps. If you are handy on your sewing machine, this is a really easy project. And in the end, you will have a super cool travel makeup brush roll set to throw in your suitcase. Perfect for the makeup gal.

I’ve now punched out several of these, some didn’t turn out too hot, so I did some modifications and swapped out some accessories, and I have 2 of them for sale which can be found on my Etsy Store! Scroll to the bottom to see other styles.

This is a fabric mockup of what it will look like in the end.

Layout your brushes on the fabric and measure how much space in between you will need.

Pin them in place and then sew to create the pockets.

Voila! you have your brush set.

Finished product rolled.







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