Designing Business Cards in Illustrator

How to Design Business Cards in Adobe Illustrator

This is my first online tutorial, so I apologize in advance for the¬†horrid sound quality. Yes, it sounds like I’m delivering traffic news from a helicopter, but that’s what you get when you are too stubborn to ask for help from Husband who’s actual profession is in audio and sound. Then I get an earful when asking his opinion. Kinda like when he gets an earful from me when asking me to scale a 48kb image up to 5 inches.

Some Notes:

  • My screen didn’t capture the entire window from Illustrator, so sorry about that! But if you want to pull margins, just drag them from the ruler at the top of Illustrator. To enable rulers, hit COMMAND R (mac), or CONTROL R (PC).
  • One important note I failed to mention was, do not under any circumstances, design your business card in Photoshop. You will suffer dire consequences. Read my post here on the difference between Photoshop and Illustrator.