How to Create a WordPress Menu Navigation

Watch below to see how I create a menu navigation in WordPress.

The WordPress Menu Navigation is usually located on the top of any website.  Depending on the theme, it also could be on the left. To create a menu, go to your WordPress dashboard / Appearances / Menu.

  1. Near the top, click on “Create an new menu”
  2. Name it “header”
  3. Go to the “Manage Locations” tab. Select the header menu that you just created and assign it to the standard navigation. Depending on your theme,  there can be multiple locations for menus, such as the footer. In this case, you can create another menu called “footer” and assign it to the footer.
  4. Go back to “Edit Menu” and select any pages from the left that you have created and hit “Add to Menu”. Then drag them around to re-arrange them if needed. To create submenu’s just drag it a little bit over to the right to nest it in.


  1. To create a menu tab heading (with no link) but you wish to have menu links underneath, click on “Custom Link” on the left. Under the URL, enter in a temporary URL like (don’t worry, you will delete this later), then enter in the Link Text such as “Services”
  2. Add this to the menu.
  3. To delete the, click on the little arrow on the right side and hit delete.
  4. Hit Save Menu on the top right.