How to Create the Home and Blog Page

Watch my video below to see how I create the home and blog page.

How to assign your website’s Home Page and Blog Page

  1. Go into your Pages and create a Home Page.
  2. Go into your Pages and create a Blog Page.
  3. Go into your Settings / Reading.
  4. Make sure that the “A Static Page (select below)” is checkmarked.
  5. Assigned the Front Page to be “Home”.
  6. Assign the Posts Page to be “Blog”.
  7. Save Changes
  8. Go to Appearance / Menus and add the Home (if not already there) and the Blog to the menu. To see how to make a menu navigation, click here.

How to create your Home Page

Every theme is different when it comes to designing the home page. Watch my video above to see how I have built this website. Visit your theme’s documentation on how to set up the contents of your home page properly.