Bone Structure

Besides web and print design, I have been a lover of Interior Design and Architecture forever. I was accepted to Ryerson’s Interior Design Program back in 1994, but had chosen the path of Fine Art’s and Graphic Design at York. Kinda makes you ponder at where you would be in life if you chose something else…. but alas, here we are.

My husband and I started a little division over at The focus of this company is simply drawing out beautifully rendered topical 2D and 3D floor plans. Our target market group is for Event Spaces and Venues, Event Planners, Home and Commercial Builders, Hospitality and Tourism, and Real Estate Agents.

This posts features the amazing company Bone Structure. Based in Montreal (which makes me a little teary because they are fellow Canadians), they are a home builder, but not your typical home builder. They are unique in every way simply because they build differently, they build efficiently and they build with significantly less waste. You will not see any wood framing but rather steel, which is assembled through a construction system that snaps together like LEGO. Your home will not take 6 months to years to build, but rather, GET READY, 4 days. Don’t believe me? Watch below.

We had the opportunity to attend one of their workshops in Toronto where Marc Bovet gave a 2 hour presentation on the history of home building, their very valid flaws, and how Bone Structure has come to save the day.

I will admit that I am rather obsessed with their floor plan designs. On any random day, if I take a quick peek at their website to see if there are any updated floor plan designs, I will have unknowingly spent about an hour or so studying them. What I love about their layouts are the open concept, the possibility for space expansion without the need for load-bearing walls and the fact that everything is divisible by 5 feet. I love their finishing materials and everything about it that is not traditional. The floor to ceiling windows, and how there is no wasted space. I am particularly in love with their 80’s collection.




I had even taken some of their designs and brought them over to Floorplanner to see how they would look like in  a 3D setting.

Visit their website, attend one their workshops and get inspired on how their company can revolutionize home building. If you are building your own Bone Structure home, there may be authorized builders in your local area.

In the meantime, below are some renderings I have designed using their floor plans. I must make a disclaimer that we are in no way affiliated with Bone Structure, and any concepts below are my own artistic expression only. The only thing I have with them is a slight obsession.




On my Bucket List; sell my house, save some cash, acquire some vacant land, and build my own custom Bone Structure dream home overlooking a lake. This goal is definitely on my bucket list and one I shouldn’t mark as “something I will have someday if I can afford it…” I think any goal is achievable if it’s your passion and if you put your mind and focus to it. But until then, I will continue to have their website on my favourites bookmark and Pinterest away at their floor plans and models.