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About a Lady Named Marina

Driven. Entrepreneurial. Creative.

Marina Duque
Marina Duque

I do not have Idle Hands.

We were not brought into this world to merely do ONE thing for our entire existence.
Creative can passion comes in many forms.


Marina Duque This Design Girl Flat Lay Studio

This place will ALWAYS be my main hub.

A place where I teach you what I know.

A place where you can find beautifully
styled desktop photos and flat lays.

See Happy People

Nothing makes me more happy than happy clients.

Marina and her team designed a stunning website for me in a quick, efficient manner that perfectly suited my style and needs. Attention to detail and communication were above par; I was well informed every step of the way and could not be more pleased with the finished design. Flawless!

Mary Kubica | Author

I hired Marina while I was working overseas for several months and all of our correspondence was remote via email, accommodating a 13 hour time difference and a pressing deadline. Marina was extremely professional, patient, helpful, and managed to make the experience kind of fun.  She also offered guidance and training toward my future editing and updating. Working with Marina is a pleasure!

Gillian Margot | Singer Songwriter

Marina has an artist’s eye and the speed of a cheetah. She created my author website in two weeks flat and it is beautifully designed. Also, she’s a pleasure to work with.

Ann Walmsley | Author

Communication – Marina’s response time was amazing, and her ability to hone in on what I was looking for (via email, I might add) was impressive. Follow through – she delivered, faster than I expected, and did exactly what she said she was going to do. Final product – the site looks beautiful, does exactly what I need it to do, and I know she’s there whenever I need her!

Karma Brown | Author Writer

Just wanted to thank you for everything! Finding a website designer was a daunting task for me, but you came highly recommended and I’m glad we worked together. You provide outstanding service and have great product and process knowledge. Most importantly, I’m very happy with the end product! 10/10.

Brock Smith | TimberSmith WoodWorks | Williams Lake, British Columbia

Marina has been a true God-send to our company.  Her attention to detail, creativity and efficiency is unparalleled.  Beyond that, she is a pleasure to work with.  I can confess that when it comes to techy stuff, I have no idea… no question is too small or dumb in Marina’s eyes.  She was so patient throughout the entire process of putting our website together and encouraging.  She goes way above and beyond in her dedication to making sure that the customer is happy and that your branding is consistent.  I can’t say enough about her and her company.

Cheryl Boyce | Freedom Culture | Toronto


As someone with a graphic & web design background myself, it with head down, tail between my legs that I contacted Marina who had come highly recommended. It was SO worth it!  She was able to fine tune the vision in my head and put it on the screen for me and was so amazing to deal with every step of the way.  I loved that I never felt like a second thought – she responded to me promptly every time (even the silly questions) and met all the deadlines she set out.  Amazing, amazing amazing.  If you haven’t hired her yet, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for.

Christine | Molly Cake | Burlington

What an amazing team to work with. They was professional, highly skilled and their customer service is unbeatable. I can’t get over how easy they made the process of setting up my new web site. They really listened to my wants and needs and created a site that exceeded my expectations. Every time I have a question or need additional web support they are always willing to help out and respond to my needs quickly. I would highly recommend them.

Shaindy Alexander | Ringley Natural Teething Toys | Toronto


Marina is such an asset to our business! She effortlessly takes my idea, adds her creative touch and gives us a product that is exactly what I wanted but far better than I could have imagined. Combine that with fast and attentive service and she is truly remarkable!

 Jessica Herberger | Experience Events | Saratoga Springs, NY

I have worked with Marina for a number of years as she has done both graphic and web design for our Church. She is easy to work with, understands the concepts we are working towards, and always keeps on a project until we are completely satisfied. I look forward to working with her for many more years.

Kelly Michalczyk | Administrative Assistant | Impact Church London

I feel I must share my deep respect and love for the work the multi-talented Marina Duque does. While she is already in demand and sharing the impact of her mad skills and creativity may mean my ‘lil empire can engage less of her time + expertise, I’m obliged to share she inspires me to stay on my creative edge. It’s her above + beyond service, and her thoughtful, intelligent, efficient, strategic nature…Marina can share my story and illustrate my message like no one else. Marina’s my #1 go to graphic designer that tops my list for clients + she’s the person I’ve referred consistently over the years. I’ve got mad respect and adore her. She’s been instrumental in helping me create my website.

Miranda Webb | British Columbia

It was an absolute pleasure working with you on this project. Your natural creativity, boundless knowledge and sharp troubleshooting skills made this whole process appear seamless. You had a solution for everything I threw at you. Your patience and ability to explain ideas/alternatives to a “non-techie” was key to making me gain a solid understanding to maintain/manage this website. If anyone is considering a website or any design work, I definitely encourage them to check you out first!

Jacquie Chang | Castlefield City Church | Toronto


Cher and Marina are truly outstanding. Simply put, they deliver real results! They are always professional, creative to the max, focused on the goal and with super sonic speed, deliver creative solutions that ensure maximum impact and brand recognition. They are an invaluable extension of our Greystone team and their ability to deliver winning solutions is huge.

Georgia Mouka | Greystone Design + Communications | Toronto

Classic, clean design. Professional and so unbelievably easy to work with. Fast. What more could you ask for from a designer? I love working with Marina.

Kellylee Evans | Recording Artist, Singer-Songwriter | Ottawa

Creative, efficient service. Recommended!

Neil Forsyth | Neil Forsyth | United Kingdom

We needed a new website and are some of the pickiest people we know. We need a high-quality and professional firm that met our ridiculous standards. We searched everywhere and found Marina and Cher, knowing immediately that we wanted to do business with them. They are not only a top-notch design team, but also highly responsive to feedback and cost-effective. They have exceeded every expectation we had and we love doing business with them.

Laura Miller and Ben Quirk | TempDev LLC | California


Coming Soon. Yikes.

Huh? A Designer without a Portfolio?

After being in the industry for nearly 20 years, I feel the need to clean it up.
Things are a little outdated and I want my portfolio to reflect the now.
Oh the joys of being a perfectionist.

And this may take a while. You know, because kids. And a hundred other things.
So rather than having my entire website in a state of under construction for months,
I am taking the risk and putting my website live without a portfolio.
Oh the sheer horror!


If you really want to see my design style,
you are more than welcome to check out my other sites.

I love clean lines, simplicity, and minimalism.

My Other Personal Brands
This Design Girl | Flat Lay StudioRendered Spaces | Baby Boomba | Q ideas


Simple and efficient is a thing of beauty.


How many designers will be involved?
If you craving a website, I have been working with a lovely gal for the past 10 years named Cher Fitchett, a front-end web developer who specializes in building carefully-crafted, semantic, intuitive, and adaptive websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. She uses terminology that will never be in my vocab such as Databases, Bootstrap and CSS, and will ensure that your website is properly set up, backed up and most importantly, that it’s responsive and mobile friendly. Routine Maintenance Backup packages are also available. Please inquire.


Hourly Rates
My hourly rates are $80/hour. However, I usually price per project. If your project goes beyond the allotted timeline or scope of the contract, my hourly fee will kick in. But don’t worry, I will be sure to let you know prior. And, I don’t like nickel and diming, and I promise your design will be pretty.

Fee Schedule
My minimum fee for any project $40. If your project is less than $250, I require full payment before I commence any work. This balance must be paid in full before I send over any final artwork or before your website goes live. Failure to pay the balance will incur interest charges of 2% per month. If your project is over $250, I require a non refundable 50% deposit before commencement of any work. Balance is to be paid upon project completion or within 45 days whichever comes first.

Payment Methods
An invoice will be sent to you via email. You have the option to pay via:

  • Credit Card / Paypal
    The invoice in the email will give you the option to pay directly online through Paypal or credit card.
  • Email Money Transfer
    My email is hello@marinaduque.com
  • Snail Mail
    I will email you my mailing address.


I take pride in my work and will do my best to complete the design according to your specifications. By going through my design process, we should stay on track with the project. However, should there be any discrepancy, I will handle them on a case by case basis.

  • Print
    If you have selected a design concept that has been presented and agree to the next round of changes or revisions, refunds will not be given at any stage beyond this. Refunds will only be given before the project has commenced.
  • Web
    There will be no refunds on the 50% deposit. After this phase, I will handle refunds on a case by case basis.


Working Hours
Officially, Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm EST, however I would be lying. You can find me at anytime hunched over my computer anywhere between 4 am – midnight.

Getting Started
The first thing you want to do is research. Scope out your competition. What do you have to offer that they don’t? How can you make your product/service better? The more you can tell me about how you envision your brand, the better it will help me out in designing what you wish to achieve.

A great website is not all about looks. It’s also about function and user experience. People now only want one thing: Information. I can’t stress enough that your website needs to be both functional and simple. If you don’t need that image on that page and it doesn’t serve a purpose, don’t use it.

How long will my project take?
My fastest web project took 8 hours and my longest took 8 months. The 8 hour project had three times more content than the 8 month project. So, the answer is, the time is mostly controlled by you. I find that my dear clients who have their stuff organized and put together get their projects completed faster. Those who are a little scattered, not so well.

For example, if you are wanting to do a print ad, have all your final copy ready to go along with images and document specifications. If you have several files, naming them properly like girlwithbasket.jpg and not img_23$%4596940545.jpg will make you my favourite client.

But just to make a teeny disclaimer to cover my behind, note that web live dates/project completion dates are dependent on my / subcontractor’s current production schedule. Under normal circumstances, you can expect:

  • Print + Logo
    Proof within 7-10 business days from signed contract (depending on scope of project)
  • Web
    4 weeks from date of signed contract (I will notify you if there is a delay in production)


  • Pay As You Go
    I will provide you an estimated time to complete the design task before moving forward with execution. I round up to the nearest half hour.

  • Pre-Paid
    This option allows you to pay in advance. I will provide you an estimated time to complete the design task before moving forward with execution. Note that pre-payment is:

    • valid for 1 year.
    • no refunds will be given on time that is unused.
    • no carry over time is allowed to the next year.
    • each request has a 15 minute minimum and are utilized in 15 minute chunks.

Can I modify the design later?

  • Print
    I use the Adobe Creative Suite for my designs. Unless you have this software, you won’t be able to edit any of the graphics that I created for you on your own.
  • Web
    For Web Design, we design using WordPress and this is 100% editable and can be maintained by you once we have designed it. I will go over all of this with you when your project is finalized.


This is what makes or breaks your design and accounts for what I believe to be 75% of the wow factor. A true authentic website features your own photos taken by a professional photographer.

If your marketing budget doesn’t allow to hire a professional photographer, then use royalty free stock photography but select them carefully and wisely. Don’t go overboard on the visuals, but choose the best masterpieces that go with your product or service. Keep with a theme and like colours if possible.

A great resource of free stock photos with high quality calibre can be found at www.unsplash.com. Let me know if you need help in choosing them.

I also offer Flat Lay / Styled Stock Photo Mockups over at Flat Lay Studio (www.flatlaystudio.com) that is available for purchase.

Flat Lay Studio www.flatlaystudio.com


If you would like for me to shoot your products in my studio, we can certainly arrange that for an additional cost. Clients will usually ship me their products and I can arrange to ship them back to you if you wish at an additional cost. Pricing varies depending on how many products you have an how many angles required fo each. Pricing includes shooting and post editing. I shoot with a Canon EOS Rebel T6. All high res photos will be also be emailed to you at completion of product.


The majority of my work comes through word of mouth. I kindly request that a small link to my website at Marina Duque appear at the bottom of each webpage and be displayed for as long as my design is publicly on the internet, regardless of where your site is hosted or maintained. Doing this will ensure that what my high school teacher once predicted about me will not come true!


  • Purchase your Service
    I will send you a design brief. This will give me a better understanding of your design style and what types of web functionality you would like. Please provide as much information as you can. I will then send you over a Client Agreement which will clearly state what is expected from both parties.
  • Photos, Images, Copy

    Please supply your logo (in vector format), photos (high res) and text copy (in a word document). I also encourage you to provide any sketches (even if you have to use a napkin), drawings, other samples to aid in the design process. I will require all of your images and copy before the start of your project.

Proofing + Changes

  • Print
    Once deposit has been received, I will send you a proof of the artwork at a specified time frame depending on your project (usually between 7-10 business days on regular projects). You are allowed 3 rounds of revisions for changes/modifications. This is why it is important to have all of your ducks in a row! If changes/modifications exceed 3 passes, my lovely hourly rate of $80 will be applied. Once the design has been finalized, remaining balance is due before I supply all final artwork. You will receive a project sign off form stating that the project is now closed.
  • Logo
    Once deposit has been received, I will send you 2 logo concepts (depending on my current schedule, this can happen between 7-10 business days.) You are allowed 3 rounds of revisions for changes/modifications. I encourage you to mix and match any of the designs and tweak colours. If changes/modifications exceed 3 passes, my lovely hourly rate of $80 will be applied. Once the design has been finalized, remaining balance is due before I supply all final artwork. You will receive a project sign off form stating that the project is now closed.
  • Web
    Because of the intricacies of web design, I usually work on this on a case by case basis in terms of set up and design, however the same general rules apply. You are allowed 3 rounds of revisions for changes/modifications after web design is completed. If changes/modifications exceed 3 passes, my lovely hourly rate of $80 will be applied. Once the design has been finalized, remaining balance is due before the site is made live. You will receive a project sign off form stating that the project is now closed.


Marina Duque retains copyright of all design work until final payment is made after which the copyright will then belong to the client. If contract is terminated before work is completed, all design work will remain copyright of Marina Duque Design. Marina Duque Design and its subcontractors retain the right to display graphics and other design elements as samples of their work in their respective portfolios. A little blurb will appear on the footer of your website that will say “Designed by Marina Duque”, with a link back to www.marinaduque.com.


If you like what you see, drop me a note.

Website Design starting at $3080.
Ecommerce starting at $3830.
Product Photography
services available.

For a custom estimate contact me at

Introducing Flat Lay / Styled Desktops

Check it out at Flat Lay Studio

Flat Lay Studio www.flatlaystudio.com


Goal. Inbox Zero.

Feel free to contact me.